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Nick & Helen

Nick and Helen, who are in their early 60’s have a large block in Doncaster. Last year, Nick and Helen had been contemplating the prospect of retiring particularly as Nicks had been experiencing declining health.

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Anita, is in her late 40’s and is a single mother of two teenagers. She like many parents with large gardens finds that the back yard is no longer necessary as her children have outgrown its need.

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After her husband returned from serving in WWII, Esther and her late husband Lindsay decided to purchase land in Oak Park in the 1950’s for about 8 pounds. When they purchased the land they built a very modest two bedroom weatherboard home.

Read More is an exciting new network where we as Town Planners liaise with Builders and Developers to help you to develop your land with little cost to you.


We understand that developing land is a daunting process. Property match makers is a service which has been designed so that land owners with limited means can have their land developed.

Builders and Developers

Propertymatchmakers is an online portal created to help finding sites and delivering planning services for builders and developers who want to develop land for residential and commercial purposes.

Building Professionals

Are you a building professional with a real commitment to quality and customer service?
Are you able to deliver projects in a timely fashion.

CEO – Patrick Cauchi

“Patrick, has over 13 years experience working as a Town Planner in Victoria  and has this year decided to launch a ground breaking new service to meet the masses of people who are desperate for new housing in better locations. Patricks’ passion started as a concern with not only the town planning system in Victoria but the lack of suitable and affordable housing for a growing number of Australians. Working in Council at the coal face of the town planning counter it had become apparent for Patrick  that the public sector at all levels have become increasingly ineffective in delivering the “Great Australian dream”. Therefore Patrick has devised the Propertymatchmakers idea which seeks to reduce the risk to all so that the great Australian dream remains alive and kicking for future generations.”